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Complete Packaging Solution

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Hangyu Complete Packaging Solution

                                             ----Give you a safer, lower cost, more accurate delivery scheme

Complete Packaging Solution that is CPS:

Our solutions are reflected in professional packing analysis, packaging project cost savings, packaging optimization, using 2D and 3D software. With rich experience in packaging design can shorten the time of product packaging design, testing, proofing and production, so as to adapt the rapid changes in the market.

         Find the best balance point of packaging logistics cost and packaging strength, choose the most suitable packing material to reduce the cost


We have strong design team and rich experience in transportation and packaging design of consumer products and industrial products. From the overall perspective, packaging design chooses the most suitable packaging materials, and reduces packaging materials, material costs, warehousing costs, transportation costs and so on.

By entrusting packaging supplier's rich knowledge and experience, CPS can reduce the total packaging costand improving packaging processing and testing equipment.

The professional production equipment, the sound management mechanism and the complete production operation process, ensure the production product conform to the customer's request.

The company is certified by ISO9001:2008 system, and the company strictly implements according to the requirements of quality management system, and establishes standardized management process and operation process, every product of the company.

①It can meet the punctuality of JIT distribution and ensure the timeliness of supply.

②According to the customer's demand, realize the regular and quantitative product distribution.

③The company covers a wide range of areas and can meet 24 hours of emergency delivery.

④The company's own transport fleet + logistics company distribution model, fully meet the requirements of the customer.

①Provide customized design for packaging products to meet the customer's personalized needs.

②The company has set up a customer service center to provide customers with a timely hotline service.

③HangYu provides comprehensive services, effectively reduce the cost, shorten the delivery time; real-time feedback packaging process, packaging material the use of effective control, the user does not need to employees.

④Establish scientific packaging and packaging guidance for customers and provide good technical support.

          To provide packaging solutions and constantly improve for customer, suppliers can help customers purchase, supply packaging process transformation, inventory management (VMI), to ensure efficient customer packaging procurement; And also can help customers to optimize the product structure, reduce the rate of adverse market.