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To tell you the HangYu packaging wood box meanings

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Wood packing box is made of wood as raw material and used for product packaging. It is one of the oldest packaging containers. The amount of wood in the packing is second only to the paper packing container. And the amount of wooden packing box in developing countries is much bigger than that of developed countries. Therefore, the wooden packing container occupies a very important position in the packaging container. Carton packaging manufacturers are still widely used in wood packaging containers because of its many advantages:

(1) large mechanical strength, good rigidity, strong resistance to mechanical damage, and can withstand huge loading load.

(2) the wood container has good elasticity and strong impact resistance. It is an ideal container for loading large and heavy products.

(3) strong corrosion resistance of wood, no rust, no pollution of the interior, suitable for packaging with corrosive chemical products.

(4) the processing of wooden containers is easy to be made with simple tools, and the trial production and improvement are also very simple.

Wooden packaging can be recycled and reused, so the cost of packaging is low, and it can be used in a comprehensive way when it becomes waste.

The wooden container lifting, during transportation and storage, convenient stacking, can make full use of effective space.

The wooden container plywood manufacturing, has beautiful appearance, and has certain durability, moisture resistance and moisture resistance.


Wooden container also has its shortcomings. Its main disadvantage is that the empty container is large, which brings inconvenience to storage and transportation, and it is easy to absorb moisture and cannot be placed in the open air. The degree of production mechanization is not high, and wood resources are increasingly scarce. With the development of industry, the function of the container container in the packaging will be gradually reduced.

Corrugated packaging

Corrugated packaging

Wooden packing box, Gu thinking is used for packing box, its size is not specified, usually depending on the specific requirements. The wood box with its sturdy, convenient, moistureproof etc. it has been widely used. Transport and packaging of the products are widely used in logistics, machinery and electronics, building materials, ceramics, hardware appliances, precision instruments, fragile goods and large size items such as industrial products, materials to meet the requirements of export goods and quarantine.

Classification of wooden cases

Frame wooden case:

The framed wooden box is a large wooden box, can be divided into frame type, frame type. Within the framework of wooden frame member is in the inner box board, suitable for general contents; the frame is a wooden frame structure in the outer box plate, applies in the length direction as a whole, and has sufficient rigidity to the the contents. The basic design rules consider is usually expected to transport, handling and storage of circulation conditions. Mainly used for wooden frame wooden box is mainly used for large packaging machinery products, can also be used to set a small goods box is mainly used for large packaging machinery products, can also be used to set a small goods.

Closed wooden cases:

The main difference between closed wooden cases and other wooden cases is that it is completely closed. It is suitable for dangerous products with antirust, mildew proof and moistureproof requirements. For dangerous goods with aluminum powder, barium chlorate, lead nitrate.

Plywood box:

The plywood box is a wooden case made of wood as a box and made of plywood for the box. Plywood box is applied to machinery, chemical industry, electronics, hardware and other fields due to its flexibility in packing, adaptability and reusability to loadings. Containing box plate and the fastening connector, and box board box adjacent box plate perpendicular to each other via the fastening connector, card stud connectors at the edge of each box plate are respectively fixed around the outer surface of a certain number of steel, the steel plate box adjacent card stud connectors respectively through angle at the adjacent board vertical junction connecting piece is provided with a long hole, and the end of the reverse bending fixed, the adjacent box plate is vertically fixed and connected, and a packing box.

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