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The principle of selecting corrugated cartons?

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In the selection of corrugated packaging when we must first take into account the nature of the product, weight, storage conditions and circulation environment, secondly should be designed according to the principle and design of shockproof packaging corrugated box design method, in addition to follow the relevant standards, such as the packaging of export commodities to meet the requirements of foreign or quasi international standard, and go through the relevant test, therefore corrugated packaging selection generally pay attention to the following points.


The corrugated cardboard corrugated corrugated type models, according to A B, high Leng, C, E four categories, different different mechanical properties of corrugated paperboard. A type corrugated cardboard plane of the highest pressure, high compressive strength, B on the contrary, the plane stress and C type vertical pressure, parallel pressure and buffering force are better; the thickness of corrugated cardboard, A type, C type, B type again, E minimum, due to the paper plate bending processing the small thickness is easy, therefore, B is widely used in the compressive strength of corrugated box packaging requirements of the transport box. According to the different mechanical properties of corrugated cardboard, single-sided corrugated box with A or C type double corrugated carton as well, with A, B or B type, C type combination is appropriate, close to the outer surface of the B type, can play the role of anti shock. The combination of A, B or B and C can improve the physical and mechanical properties of the cartons. Compared with the printability of printing, the B and C types are both favorable for printing.

The corrugated carton box under the premise of ensuring quality, should try to save the cost of materials and packaging carton processing. For example, the same volume of cartons, the use of length: width: the most 2:1:2, the most cost of material when the ratio is 1:1:1. Therefore, we should try to avoid the use of square boxes. We should also take care of the utilization rate of products to the box volume, the utilization rate of containers for trucks and railway carriages, and the stability of stacking during warehousing and transportation.

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