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Structure and performance analysis of seven storey corrugated paperboard

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[HangYu] packaging corrugated packaging seven layer corrugated board is composed of four layers of corrugated panels with three layers of corrugated paper, with its excellent protection performance and low price, seven layer corrugated board is widely used in heavy packaging, especially export heavy and large goods, mostly used seven layers of corrugated boxes, from the development trend in recent years, continues to expand the scope of application. The main products of HangYu packaging at present is heavy packaging, AAA heavy duty corrugated carton of our production is the application of seven layer corrugated cardboard model, it is suitable for auto parts, electrical appliances and other products is large, heavy packaging choice.

HangYu packaging focus on complete packaging solution, engaged in design, production and sales of heavy packaging products for the integrated enterprise. In order to achieve the goal of international protection of forest resources, the company has finally realized the development direction of paper generation and foam generation. Our heavy duty product mainly adopts seven layers of corrugated cardboard (AAA), which has high strength, light weight, no fumigation, easy recovery, folding, recyclable, environmental protection and so on. It is mainly used for the external packing of all kinds of parts. It is suitable for assembling engines, rollers, friction plates, car seats, auto parts, bearings, springs, sound boxes, car shells, instruments and so on.


(1) the properties of corrugated cardboard

Corrugated is the basic element of corrugated board, corrugated corrugated U, V and UV three kinds, U type corrugated box made of carton is good elasticity, comfortable handle, high absorption capacity, good cushioning performance, but low compressive strength. The V type has high pressure bearing property, but it is easy to break and lose the cushioning performance. The UV type is the complementary type of U and V type. The compressive strength is between U and V, and the cushioning performance is excellent. It is the most widely used in corrugated board at present.

The corrugated type can be divided into four kinds: A, B, C and E, according to the height of the corrugated type and the corrugating number of the corrugated board of the long corrugated board per 300mm. The main performance is shown in Table 1, from table 1 shows: the A type corrugated high and wide, the number of edges per unit length, thus the performance under vertical pressure is better, at the same time shockproof cushioning performance is good; and the B edge and A flute on the contrary, the unit length of corrugated - plane compressive strength is larger, but the buffer the performance is poor; between the C type between A and B, the characteristics of A and B type corrugated, the performance is excellent; E in general corrugated packaging or packaging cartons, generally should not be. We will mainly study the influence of the combination of three kinds of corrugated A, B and C on the performance of seven layer corrugated cardboard.

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