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How to design a product packing box

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Many enterprises are not satisfied with the basic characteristics of corrugated box packaging, and they lack the sense of beauty and affect the sales of goods. How to fully display the charm of commodity packaging?


Packaging color:

More than 80% of the information comes from vision. If the designer's grasp and application of packaging color can directly reflect some characteristics of the internal goods, this commodity will probably become the preferred commodity of buyers. According to the inherent color of the commodity or the property of the commodity, the use of the image color is an important means of designing color. For example, cakes, snacks and other food packaging are mostly yellow, tea, coffee, whisky, beer and so on, and the tea is often used in the beverage. Lemon Lemon Shampoo packaging is designed to be lemon yellow. These reappearance of colors on the packaging using the color of their own products is the best way to give people the homology of things, so that they have a basic impression of the internal products. Of course, there is a way of doing something wrong. Some box designers are bold in using color contrast to achieve better and more amazing results, but if their propriety is not good enough, they will backfire.


Corrugated box packing box pattern:

The combination of patterns should be considered in three aspects: one is the way of organization; the two is the subject of expression; the three is the style of display. In the way of organization, more geometric composition, abstract composition, and representational or materialized composition are used. At present, the use of geometric or abstract composition is mostly cosmetic or daily necessities. The structure which is figurative or materialized is most popular in food packaging. Some simply open a window, or use a transparent plastic bag, directly to see the inside of the goods. In the expression of the theme, although the expression of different ways, but the purpose is very clear. In the form of combination, some are dominated by the prominent characters, some of the prominent objects are mainly, and some are also given consideration by the two. No matter which form you take, you have to connect with the inner objects to show the theme. In the expression of the theme, we should also pay attention to cutting propagation and simplification, whether it is a text or a pattern, and strive to achieve a single pattern, a prominent theme, a simple and quick way.

The connotation of packaging:

It is mainly manifested in three aspects: the appeal of the packaging, the interest of the picture, and the organic combination of the product image and the enterprise culture. In addition, the beautification of package printing is also an important factor for good packaging. It includes: first, the beautiful color, the two is the beautiful design, the three is the exquisite packaging, and the three are indispensable.

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