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Octagonal box


[product name]: octagonal box

Product specification: Customizing according to demand

[bearing capacity]: 1000kg

[product material]: high strength AAA or ACB corrugated board

Product characteristics: clean and sanitary, smooth, sturdy and durable, light and convenient, waterproof and dustproof, good cushioning performance, good quality and low price.

Application: widely used in packaging of chemical products, food packaging and dangerous goods.

The rate of reuse is high: the reuse of each carton is 8-10 times, which greatly reduces the packaging cost of the product.

(2) large volume and small volume: the weight of the box is only 25%-30% of the same volume wooden box.

The light weight high strength: seven AAA or ACB strong corrugated cartons compressive or stacking can withstand the weight of about 1000Kg;

(4) with printability and observability, it can print beautiful words and patterns.

Because of its special technology, the product is more resistant to water than wooden case: it is waterproof, moisture resistant and dust intrusion, so that the product has the characteristics of high sealing and light weather resistance.

The octagonal box before and after use can be folded packing, save space and transportation cost of storage. In addition, because of its light volume and convenient handling, the packaging time is greatly reduced, labor costs are saved, and packers do not need special technology.

The cushioning performance is good, for the contents has a good protective effect.

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