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Do you know the application of wooden pallets?

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Generation of wooden pallets honeycomb paperboard trays, tray, paper pulp molding and filling material supporting ribs, plastic pallets, metal tray etc.. Together with the packing box, they take part in the whole process of high quality circulation, which has been developed for more than 20 years in foreign countries. The paper profiles in combination with other supporting devices of paper profiles as edge, corner, top and bottom protection of the protective packaging materials, has opened up the so-called "extreme packaging reduction without container packaging" of the new way, is one example of green packaging, for the world with music. A variety of bulk goods, a few need to protect their edges and corners, do not have the overall containment of goods, all of its benefit. In addition, there are molded pulp tray for the generation of wood packaging products as "paper" Zuotai, cushion; pollution-free packaging with low grade corn starch particles as buffer filler, have high technology equipment in many countries running. In our country, about 4000000 pieces of wood packaging are exported every year in China.


Since 99 years, the United States and the European Union have limited the export of wood packaging in China. This will cause major obstacles and losses to China's export trade. The export value of Europe only is more than 7 billion US dollars, so it is obvious that the generation of wood packing is a problem to be solved urgently. Through innovation, design of new structure, and the use of paper packaging and other packaging (such as: treated wood structure. Reasonable combination of bamboo structure, metal structure, etc. to increase the strength, meet the original function of the original wood packaging Carton, and truly replace the wood transportation package. Carton packaging factory wood packaging belongs to green packaging, in Europe and the United States, Japan and other areas of wood packaging as the key.  The existing corrugated paper (box) board production line of our country has more than 400. The main use of its packaging for transport packaging is heavy corrugated cardboard, and many of the mechanical and electrical products abroad are also packed with heavy corrugated cardboard. They only use processed wood, metal or honeycomb paperboard on their skeleton or pallet, and these packages have been used at different levels in our past export products. Only how to design the higher strength and reduce the cost is a technological problem that needs innovation.

At present, plant fiber is used to make packaging at home and abroad, but its technology and strength need to be improved. In the past, we used plant fiber to make food packaging containers and transport packaging linings. Some use wood chips to add plastic particles to the transport package for mechanical and electrical products, and some with straw made large packing internal pallets and so on. This can be seen that this technology is feasible, the key is to solve the parameters of various technologies and the problem of weight reduction.

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