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Small knowledge of fire-fighting for carton manufacturers?

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With the continuous expansion of the carton Market in recent years, the carton packaging industry is booming, and the demand for "multiple varieties and small batch" cartons is increasing. While many carton packaging manufacturers pay attention to sales, they forget the safety of fire protection, resulting in the occurrence of security risks.

Therefore, we should always be vigilant for fire safety awareness. Carton factory fire management can not be a bit careless. In developing and expanding the road, we must enhance factory safety awareness to ensure its safety.

The carton factory is a lot of fire, which is flammable, and a little Mars can lead to a disaster. Now with the carton enterprises continue to increase remediation efforts, relevant departments are also constantly improving, but there are always several manufacturers can escape the discernment".


Every manufacturer should strictly abide by the rules of fire control. In the face of abnormal weather conditions in recent years, it is necessary for us to be careless. It is necessary for carton factories to do better in terms of environmental protection or self consciousness. In many carton factories, many manufacturers will produce ordinary cartons or cartons of various specifications in the range of 1 meters. This kind of carton is simple and needs a lot. It produced a lot of small and medium sized carton manufacturers shipped, so many manufacturers, carton factory should be prevention fire, eliminate carton factory fire hazards, such as: to prevent accidents, fire electrical wire, electric welding in the paper, in case of fire, foam paper grinding machine when sparks fire, fire caused by smoking paper. To prepare long-term fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, hoses, buckets, shovels and other fire extinguishing equipment.

As a carton factory, carton packing manufacturer, the effective and reasonable planning of the carton factory fire protection matters is a very important requirement. In particular, the prohibition of smoking, the establishment of a complete workshop operation code, the isolation of the fire source, and the prevention of all possible risks of fire. And in the internal facilities of carton factory try to apply fireproof paint or use of fireproof materials, regular inspection of fire fighting equipment and fire channel, living area and production area to prohibit the fire in a cardboard box factory, material storage area and production area should be eye-catching logo designed special division responsible for specific content can be related according to the national standard factory building!

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