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To prevent wooden pallets mildew tips

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One reason, wooden pallets mildew

Mold spores are widely distributed and have strong reproductive capacity, so you will often find that a piece of bread is likely to become moldy even if it is kept in a well refrigerated refrigerator. Carton packaging manufacturers have proved that hardwood pallets are a good environment for fungal spores. To a certain extent, this is also caused by the characteristics of the pallet industry. Pallet manufacturers often try to compress the inventory of raw materials, which means that after the felling of timber will be soon put into production tray. In order to prevent the trays from drying, the manufacturers are eager to sell them. This usually leads to the average water content of a wooden pallet as high as 35%-60%, while the tray whose water content is less than 20% can be effectively prevented by proper treatment, which will undoubtedly cause certain cost burden to the enterprise.

Two. Anti mildew means

(1) heat treatment. Heat treatment can usually kill insects or insect larvae in wood. So in theory it can also kill the mold, but the principle of heat treatment is the wood in the water extraction to the wood surface, which will create a good environment for the growth of mold, and the best manufacturers in the last part of the heat treatment with a drying process, which undoubtedly increases the manufacturing cost of wooden pallets, shilly-shally it also caused many manufacturers.

(2) air drying or kiln dry. The kilns are expensive and easily lead to cracks in the wood. The cost of air drying is slightly lower, but it takes a long time.



Three, wooden pallet anti mould tips

(1) for manufacturers need to fully understand the use of customers to buy and use the tray, according to different customer needs for the recommendation of ordinary wooden pallets, wooden pallets or air drying kiln drying tray.

(2) for pallet users, to fully understand how to reasonably use and maintenance of wooden pallets to prevent mildew is crucial. To keep wood dry and clean, if possible, try to avoid the long time use of wooden pallets. If the tray is cleaned for health reasons, it must be fully dried and then put into use again.

(3) consider chemical drugs. Now there are some very good chemical products can effectively prevent the occurrence of mildew on the market, but in the end whether the decision is still the hands of users, after all, chemical treatment may bring other problems, especially for food, pharmaceutical and other industries, but also to be cautious.

(4) consider alternative products. If improper safekeeping, any type of wooden pallets are moldy, but environmental fumigation pallets, plastic pallets and metal tray compared to green hardwood tray, the possibility of a smaller mildew. Of course, the cost is likely to be more expensive than wooden pallets.

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