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Is there a environmental protection standard in the wood packing box?

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The wooden packing box can be divided into small box, medium size box and large box according to the weight and size of its inside. The environmental protection standard of wood packing box is as follows:

1, lumber (finger plate): also known as plywood, the market is commonly used poplar or fir wood by finger jointing, incision and other ways to splice up the plate, the direct use is also referred to as the finger plate. Specification: the thickness is generally 18mm, also has the 16mm. Environmental protection level: the big brand common E1, E0, zero formaldehyde; small brand also has E2 class plate.

2, board: the name of the woodworking board. There are two plates in the middle of the veneer. The wood strips with the same thickness and different lengths are arranged in parallel, and they are composed of five layers. Specification: the thickness is about 1.2CM-2.5CM, environmental protection level: big brand common E1, E0, zero formaldehyde; small brand also has E2 class plate.


3, the decorative panel: also called veneer, three plywood, it is natural wood chipping or spin into 0.2 1mm thick slices, the paste made of parquet in plywood, fiberboard, particleboard and other substrates. The material is clear in texture and natural in color. It is a more advanced decorative material.  Specifications: generally 2.6 - 3mm, environmental level: E1, E2 more common.


4, particleboard: also called the particle board, bagasse board, made of wood or other lignocellulose material, after the application of adhesive in heat.

Under the action of force and pressure, the synthetic panel is also called the chopper. Specifications: particleboard is divided into 3 kinds according to the product density: low density (0.25~0.45 g /cm3), medium density (0.55~0.70 g /cm3) and high density (0.75~1.3 g /cm3). Particleboard with a number of specifications, 19 millimeter as the standard thickness, the thickness of 13, 16, 19 millimeter, 3. Environmental protection level: E1 and E2 are more common.

5, melamine board: the name is melamine impregnated paper, dough made plate. It is to immerse paper with different colors or textures into melamine resin adhesive, then dry it to a certain degree of curing, and then decorate it on particleboard, MDF or hard fiberboard surface by hot pressing.

Through the above carton packaging manufacturers to the wood packing box plate environmental protection standards, I believe that many people can master, everyone can be based on the selection and purchase.

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