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Do a good job in moisture-proof in the use of cartons

Date:2017-12-07 Click:

Suzhou corrugated cardboard box, in the use of carton in the process to do a good job of moistureproof.

There are many manufacturers of carton packing, which is mainly due to the increasing demand for products. Although cartons are good in performance, people should do well in moisture-proof work. Otherwise, there will be continuous problems in the use process. So, how can we do a good job in the paper box moisture-proof work? Below for you to introduce:

The first control humidity: carton in the process of using people for the humidity in the environment should be controlled reasonably, as far as possible to avoid the phenomenon of high humidity, or is easily caused by damp phenomenon, will be very easy to cause deformation, which for use also has a bad effect.

Then to do protection: Carton protection in the process of using working people should actively do a good job, especially in the rainy season, both in the handling or use of the process should take protective measures, on the surface of wear cloth is a very good method, so that we can have a good moisture effect.

During the use of cartons, proper measures should be taken to avoid the occurrence of dampness. For cartons with wet appearance, they need to be replaced in time, otherwise, it will easily cause problems.


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